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Ed Sheeran Reveals the Truth About the Sword Story

James Blunt has sensationally stated Ed Sheeran’s tale to be cut in the face having a sword by Princess Beatrice is a complete lie.

The actual 43-year-old You’re Beautiful vocalist was present when Sheeran, 26, sustained a reduce to the face back in Nov last year.
At the time, the explanation provided was that the Princess, twenty-eight, had been pretending to ‘knight’ Blunt using a ceremonial blade, The Sun reports. Check Ed Sheeran Shape of You sheet music page.
It was after that alleged when swinging the actual sword behind her, the girl sliced open Sheeran’s quarter – sending blood flowing everywhere and the chart cover having to make a dash towards the emergency room.

But now Blunt is actually claiming the story was a rest – concocted by Sheeran in ‘desperate’ bid in order to shift album sales.
“Ed was drunk, messing around, and cut himself. We created a fancy story up; individuals fell for it. It was really embarrassing, ” Blunt revealed to ShortList.
And it appears it wasn’t like a high tale that spiralled uncontrollable.

Ed Sheeran

When asked how much from the story was concocted, Dull replied: “All of it. In addition to the actual scar. It’s strange that people fell for it. We blame him. He must become desperate – he’s selling records. ”
Blunt do confess that he was existing when the accident happened, nevertheless.

“Yeah, but I did not do it! He cut themself and I just patched your pet up. It’s made your pet look prettier, ” this individual said.
Blunt is known with regard to his quick wit, razor-sharp humour, and cutting feedback almost as much as for their music.

At the end of last year, the actual singer poked fun in himself when he revealed they have his own new album approaching.
Taking to Twitter in late a year that saw a thread of celebrities die such as David Bowie, George Erina and Carrie Fisher, this individual joked: “If you believed 2016 was bad, I am releasing an album within 2017. ”

‘Shape of you’ Music Video


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