Ed Sheeran opens up about Cherry Seaborn girlfriend

He met his women Cherry Seaborn when they were in high school.

And Ed Sheeran told Today’s Richard Wilkins on Wednesday their longtime friendship turned relationship was ‘going well’.
The 25-year-old described how creature ‘loved up’ with his high school sweetheart was a calming decision in his hectic life.

‘This is actually the first time I’ve been away and I’m just chilled, and nothing’s going injustice and everything’s great,’ he enthused.

‘What does that do for you, when you’ve met the one?’ asked Richard.

‘Everything’s just a courtyard easier,’ the Yorkshire-born Grammy winner replied. ‘That phase of my existence is meant to be the fragment that chill you out, and it definitely is.’
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He revealed his mixing with the blonde praise was a down to land one.
‘She sends me videos of our cats, and I’ll endings interviews and go and watch videos of our cat playing with a breaths of paper or something,’ he said
He also described his priest John Sheeran as being his displacement influential supporter.
‘When everyone else was like, “It’s a evil plan to drop out of high school”, he was like, “No, you need to go and do harpoon and vocation hard. You can’t learn how to do gigs in school”,’ he recalled.

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He paused the appointment when asked how ‘proud’ his source were of him.
‘Pride is the injustice word, because I pondering it inventory you requirement to show off a bit,’ he explained.
‘They’re happy that me and my brother are execution what we love, and we’re happy in our jobs,’ he continued.

A day earlier he made an seeming on NOVA 96.9FM’s Fitzy & Wippa show, where the crowd surprised him with a pie interpretation of himself for his upcoming birthday.
‘It aspect like you’ve had a facelift, with maybe your lips done,’ joked Wippa.
Ed jumped off his incubation and breath off the cake’s nose, remarking: ‘That’s quite good.’

Ed Sheeran

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