The Lumineers’ Jeremiah Fraites Gets Slapped by No Other Then Elton John

Drummer Jeremiah Fraites bought suggesting that Elton isn’t actually a Lumineers fan…

Elton John gave The Lumineers‘ drummer Jeremiah Fraites a slap with the Grammy Awards latest research by (February). Check The Lumineers Ophelia sheet music page.

The band’s singer Wesley Schultz recalled the memorable incident during an interview on Gordon Smart’s Xfm show yesterday (February 24).

Schultz explained: “We were nominated for just two awards but didn’t win. As we were walking in Elton John stopped us and said they have been hearing our album and would be a fan. Our drummer said, ‘There’s no fucking way you might be a fan!’ Elton just slapped him with a backlash and put him straight. It would be a special moment.”

The unexpected slap wasn’t Elton John’s only moment of mischief in the Grammy Awards in LA on February 10. Mumford and Sons’ banjo player Winston Marshall later said that the rock legend experimented with calm his nerves throughout the event by telling him not to ever get his cock out.

The Lumineers Live

Meanwhile, a much more business-minded Elton John recently announced which he will to push out a new album in September. He described the album, titled ‘The Diving Board’, as “the most piano-oriented of my career”.


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