Rihanna Sheds Some Tears on Stage in Dublin

Rihanna had Irish fans worried in a gig in Dublin on Tuesday night after arriving thirty minutes late after which crying onstage.

This is what you came for singer took activity is at the Aviva Stadium with the start of the U.K. and Ireland leg of her Anti tour and appeared visibly upset about something as she performed her opening number, Stay.

She then started crying while singing her second track, Love the Way You Lie.

Rihanna offered no reason for her late arrival or her tears and proved she’s the consummate professional by soldiering up with the show and belting out a full of 24 tunes.

It seems her Irish fans picked her up and she or he took an instant during the show to inform the crowd, “I have only ever during my life heard viewers of people scream so loud that they can sound like one voice understanding that only occur in Ireland, in Dublin… Thank you so much.”

Rihanna has rather a lot going on in the personal and professional life with the moment including ongoing rumours she’s dating rapper Drake along with the fact she’s got just bought her dad a property in Barbados.

She also has just returned to your U.K. top 5 with her new Calvin Harris collaboration This Is What You Came For and launched a different perfume, called Crush.

The not so great is Rihanna is facing a lawsuit from a Nigerian concert promoter amid allegations she scrapped a 2013 performance – and kept her hefty fee.

This is What you came for

Megalectrics boss Chris Ubosi claims he arranged the gig for May, 2013 with 2 people who introduced themselves as representatives for Rihanna, Jay Z, with his fantastic Roc Nation firm. The two parties struck a deal for that Diamonds hitmaker to carry out a 65-minute set for $425,000 (£292,260), and Ubosi made three early payments, totalling $160,000 (£110,000).

He then received a request from Rihanna’s team planning to postpone the show, which Ubosi decided to, providing the pop star publicised the modern date on the social media accounts, reports TMZ.com. The rescheduled concert never materialised, and today Ubosi has filed suit contrary to the two stars and Roc Nation executives inside a bid to reclaim his funds after his initial requests went unanswered.


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