Alan Walker Already Planing Future ‘Ventures’

Eighteen-year-old Alan Walker produced “Faded” exactly the same way he’s been producing music since age 14 — in their bedroom at his parent’s home in Bergen, Norway.

But now, the dizzying, beautifully lonesome EDM track, featuring vocals from Norwegian singer-songwriter Iselin Solheim, could be the the most Shazam-ed song on the planet, to 150 million streams on Spotify and nearly 65 million YouTube views.

On the Spotify Global Top 50 chart, it sits at No. 9, right behind Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Speaking to Mashable from Norway, Walker said the that though “Faded” is definitely just a condensed version of 2014’s hourlong instrumental “Fade” with Solheim’s vocals added, the song’s success “kind of left nowhere.”

Alan Walker singer first commenced producing songs four years ago. He was enjoying a song by DJ Ness, and reached over to the Italian DJ to determine how he produced his music. He makes all his music on his laptop with FL Studio, generally known as FruityLoops, a standard program for starters.

Now Walker’s produced “30 or 40” songs overall, but “Faded” marks his first single with Sony Music Sweden, as well as the first to obtain such global success.

While information and facts are slim, Walker says he’s currently taking care of his next single that he teased is with the same style as “Faded” but “changes it up” a little. He just performed in the X Games in Oslo and is particularly planning on touring soon, including stops in the States.

And while he’d consider producing pop music “in over time,” he tells, “for the time being, I want to remain in the EDM world.”


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