Craig David Coveres Biebers ‘Love Yourself’

When Justin Bieber was six, and fewer than a decade faraway from becoming earth’s first major YouTube success story, a 17-year-old from Southampton was overpowering the global pop charts. That teenager was Craig David.

Fast-forward 16 years, and Bieber, like David, has lived his adolescence inside the private eye. After scandal and arrest, the 21-year-old Canadian originates back using a remorseful a wildly successful album, Purpose, tracks that have dominated the UK Top 40 to a very extent he made a public plea with the NHS Choir to win Christmas Number One over his or her own track, Love Yourself.

David, meanwhile, has weathered the turbulent seas of Bo Selecta parodies and tumbling album sales, and, using the assistance of Bieber’s generation, turned into a shining demonstration of how pop has-beens can rejuvenate their careers via a combination of Instagram wisdom and nostalgia for UK Garage.

Love Yourself

Last year, David released a remix of his debut solo single, Fill Me In, with Bieber’s Where Are U Now. But it took a BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge session to really bring Bieber and David’s worlds together, these days they have collided, we are able to all finally view the meaning of David’s debut album title: Born to Do It.

Because David’s cover of Bieber’s Love Yourself is a marvel, and, out of the box the way in 2016, has sparked mass excitement online – with a few even predicting that David’s comeback will observe that of Bieber’s, equally as Bieber’s career followed that regarding David’s.

Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber

justin bieber


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