Adele Adkins Admits Not Mad At Phil Collins

Adele has played down a rumoured feud with Phil Collins after he called her a “slippery fish” for opting to not write a song with him on her new album. Check Adele When We Were young sheet music page.

The British singer has smashed records with your ex latest release, 25, and her comeback single, Hello, has topped the pop charts all over the world, however the 27-year-old star was required to scrap a whole album’s importance of material after she deemed it unsuitable before releasing the revolutionary project.

Her change of heart also prompted Adele When we were young chords to ditch an idea to collaborate with former Genesis frontman Collins, but she insists she continues to have nothing but respect with the 64-year-old rocker.

“I met program him and the man was so nice,” she told Rolling Stone. “He’s this type of genius, but I met program him in London super-early, like some time before I was starting the record and I had this song under consideration and I can’t remember if I gave him a replica of the song or if I gave him a chorus or something that is, and after that I just chickened beyond everything.

“I went, ‘Oh, I’m not ready’. And he called me a slippery fish! I think he interpreted it that I decided I didn’t wish to work with him, truly I decided I didn’t wish to write an increasing, period, at that time… There’s no bad blood there, or not on my half.”

Adele’s success has generated meetings using a string of famous rockers, including U2 frontman Bono and John Mayer, who launched a bond using the Rolling from the Deep singer when she was being affected by a vocal hemorrhage next year. Check Adele When We Were young sheet music here.

“John Mayer had vocal troubles approximately the same time as me, and that he was an angel,” she said. “He reached out and incredibly reassured me.”

The singer underwent surgery to solve her vocal issues, and even though some singers would have been petrified a hemorrhage could mark the tip of their career, Adele wasn’t that worried.

“It just felt like someone had pulled the curtain or closed the doorway in my throat,” she explained. “And you can feel there seemed to be something within my throat stopping me from having the ability to talk or sing properly.

“My doctor was great, you realize? He was like, ‘This is okay – you will have a very common singer’s injury’. He was like, ‘I’ve seen mtss is a million times; I’ve fixed it one million times’, so I didn’t ever sense frightened.”

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