Hello by Adele Breaking Records Worldwide

Adele has thanked fans for supporting her music comeback as her video for Hello breaks more viewing records.

The Rolling inside Deep hitmaker debuted Hello, her first single since James Bond theme song Skyfall in 2012, on Friday (23Oct15) which is predicted to top the two U.K. and U.S. charts following impressive download and streaming figures inside the first 48 hrs.

The accompanying video, released on the same day, was viewed 27 million times within 1 day, beating the record set by Taylor Swift’s star-studded Bad Blood promo.

It has now smashed the record being the fastest video to arrive at certified status, if not more than 100 million views, on entertainment platform

It took five days to achieve the milestone, whereas the last title holder Miley Cyrus took six days to obtain it back with her raunchy Wrecking Ball clip.

“Within two days, it turned out viewed 50 million times, which makes it the biggest debut associated with a video on YouTube in 2015 the other of the most-watched music video debuts out of them all,” staff at video sharing website write inside a new report. Check Hello sheet music here.

The report also revealed Adele’s promo, shot by Canadian director Xavier Dolan, averaged thousands of views every 60 minutes from the first 48 hrs, sometimes achieving 1.6 000 0000 within a single hour. This makes the recording more popular than the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer, which peaked at 1.2 million an hour or so.

Adele celebrated her comeback success by treating fans for an old picture of herself as a kid on In the snap, she’s grinning wildly, showing the gap where her front teeth really should be.

“Throwing it made use of with this!”, she writes. “Thank you for the love, I am so impressed.”


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