Zayn Malik’s Affection With America

Singer Zayn Malik has been said to be so “obsessive about America”, he or she is looking to be in the country permanently.

The 22-year-old star, who lives in West Yorkshire, England originally, suddenly split from his band One Direction in March (15) plus in the past few months she has been actively working away at a solo album.

It’s claimed he could be aiming to use his first LP as a possible individual artist to assist him tense up roots within the United States.

“Zayn is obsessive about America,” a resource told British newspaper The Sun. “He is trying to stay permanently so he wants being a success there.

“His plans for launching his tunes include visiting several major US cities, playing only 1 song in each, to showcase his work.”

Zayn is alleged to be releasing his new album in 2016, that will feature him rapping, singing, playing guitar and piano.

He is reportedly amassing a really powerful team of professionals to help you him write songs for that record. Malay, the principle creative engineer behind Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed LP Channel Orange, which won a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album, is thought to become on board. Check One Direction Perfect sheet music here.

And Zayn is incredibly committed to proving himself just as one artist, especially since he could be leaving his boy band past behind.

“He hasn’t hung around with making his first solo music and he’s really satisfied with the results,” the insider noted.

“The set-up can be basic however it sounds like a mixture between The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. He’s really looking forward to releasing it and it has said how he can’t wait to consider his former bandmates from the charts.

“His biggest qualm in One Direction was always the truth that no one took his music seriously, so he really wants to prove that he’s not just a former boy band singer.”


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