gwen stefani, used to love you

Used To Love You by Gwen Stefani Background

Gwen Stefani stayed squirming throughout a live TV interview on Tuesday (27Oct15) when she was asked if her divorce from Gavin Rossdale had inspired her new song.

The No Doubt frontwoman announced her split from Gavin in August (15) after nearly 13 numerous years of marriage, and earlier this year (Oct15), she debuted her latest single, Used to Love You, at the concert in New York City.

The track features lyrics like, “I thought I was a good thing that ever happened to you/I guess nobody taught you the way to love.”

Fans have speculated the tune is around her broken romance using the Bush rocker, and Gwen admitted her emotions are typically “very real” during an appearance along with her The Voice co-stars on U.S. breakfast show Today on Tuesday. Check Used to love you sheet music here.

“Your personal life has elevated the headlines,” said host Matt Lauer. “Are fans misinterpreting something here or perhaps is it all in front of them in front of us the song?”

Clearly caught off-guard because of the question, the singer blushed, before trying to tackle this issue.

“Oh my God, put me immediately!” she exclaimed. “What I’ll say that is that I’ve never put accurate documentation out where I’m going through things in real time…”

She added, “I wrote that song 2-3 weeks ago, then I sat before a camera in a very dressing room, randomly not setting up a video, in order to do some video to the screens behind me (onstage), and it recently it was the (official) video. It’s all very real.”

Gwen continued to admit she’s been grateful for fans’ support during her personal troubles.

“It’s nice to try and do music and have absolutely that support from everybody,” she continued. “I are not aware of these people (individually), but… I feel their energy and love keep coming back at me (when I’m onstage) which is really comforting.”

Gwen’s comments emerge days as soon as the singer and her estranged husband reportedly signed off with an agreement to split their assets and share custody in their three sons. A judge is predicted to finalise the divorce because of the end of year (15).


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