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5 Seconds of Summer Talk INXS

Pop band 5 Seconds of Summer believe fellow Aussie group INXS was “way in front of their time”.

The four-piece includes Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Since getting their big break supporting One Direction on its Take Me Home tour, the boys have gotten a number of hits of their very own including She Looks So Perfect. With the turmoil their second album Sounds Good Feels Good, Luke revealed to Rolling Stone which other artists have influenced their sound – with INXS presents itself the list.

“Being an Australian band, they’re important to me,” Luke said. “Seeing a band alternate from the middle of nowhere in Perth, Australia, to playing stadiums all over the world is pretty incredible. They type of invented a whole new song, really. They were way in advance of their time. When I pay attention to them now, I’m still amazed which they could sound that they did. Check Hey Everybody sheet music here.

“Michael Hutchence is surely an incredible frontman plus a huge affect on me. I really love Mystify and New Sensation.”

American bands Good Charlotte and Green Day also designed a big influence on the group. 5SOS always place on an energetic show for fans, and Luke admits they desire to be like the American Idiot performers for example.

“Just the direction they play live and also the energy they provide a show is incredible,” he continued. “They will surely command an entirely stadium. After American Idiot arrived on the scene, I went back and considered the other ones; I was pretty young at this point. But with American Idiot, where did they made that huge statement was pretty bad**s. I still love that band. As a band, Green Day might be (5 Seconds of Summer‘s) favourite. The band’s favourite band.”


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