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Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall Live For The First Time

Sam Smith has performed his new Bond theme live for the 1st time.

Smith sang the theme song ‘Writing’s On The Wall‘ for first time Bond film Spectre. He performed it continue to exist the Graham Norton Show on Friday night (October 23). Watch footage beneath.

Spectre will be released inside UK and Ireland on Monday (October 26). It will then open in cinemas internationally on various later dates, which consists of US release scheduled for November 6.

Download Sheet Music & Piano Notes

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We spoke to Smith for your exclusive cover feature on this week’s magazine (available free within the UK now).

On the topic of Bond, Smith admitted which he did not know the franchise too well initially however wants the actor who plays James Bond alongside be like Roger Moore or Sean Connery.

“[Daniel Craig] was my favourite initially, because I’m 23 years of age. I hadn’t seen every one of the old movies, and I loved how modern his tackle Bond was. But when I went back and watched all, I realised that it’s Connery and Moore who I love one of the most,” he was quoted saying.

“I love how classy and clean-cut they can be. I think I’d much like the next Bond to become more of returning to that.” Check Writing’s On The Wall sheet music.

Read the entire interview here and pay attention to the brand-new photoshoot within the all-new free NME, available nationwide now.

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