Drake Breaks the Silence

Drake has spoken out publicly the very first time following the August 4th OVO Fest after party shooting that left a couple dead and three more seriously injured.

“The previous couple of days I have been in a very moral bind,” the rapper wrote on his October’s Very Own blog. “I am accustomed to the fact that my well being and the things I say to my fans are‎ closely watched. It’s tough in situations similar to this where there is a tragedy and I take into account the advice of my trusted advisors and counsel who worry that anything I might say could possibly be misinterpreted. However, today I am deciding to follow my heart.”

The rapper started to say he was “plagued and pained because of the violence that carries on escalate within our city” and attemptedto instill a sense optimism within the tragic situation.

“I stare into your eyes of a lot of young people and I want to see them all shine as bright as they can in this lifetime,” Drake wrote. “I encourage my generation to exhibit as much value and gratitude since you can for the lives we’ve been gifted.”

Following Drake’s annual OVO Fest, police responded reports of any “sporadic shooting” at Toronto’s Musik nightclub. Duvel Hibbert, 23, and Ariela Navarro-Fenoy, 26, died using their injuries, using the shooter remaining in particular.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the party was ready to accept the public and advertised as “the official OVO fest after-party, hosted by Drake with music by Charlie B.”

While not specifically calling Drake out by name, Toronto police chief Mark Saunders issued a plea earlier this week for virtually any witnesses on the crime to return forward and share what they have to know with authorities. Check Hotline Bling sheet music.

Hotline Bling by Drake

“Whenever we try to fix homicide cases, it is not just the law enforcement which makes these outcomes successful,” he was quoted saying (using the Toronto Sun). “When people don’t assist with investigations, what it really does would it be encourages individuals who decide to bring firearms to locations to make use of it… after you don’t talk, it encourages a lot of these people to carry firearms with these.” Hotline bling piano notes.

Drake ended his letter by extolling the community-centered vibe of Canada’s most populous city. “Although Toronto is globally known as a major city, fundamentally we are still a tiny close-knit community, and it’s also our public responsibility to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of just one another,” the rapper wrote. “We need 1 another to further our communities for generations in the future. I pray for better times and much better understanding.”


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