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Beautiful ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten

Somewhere between Tallahassee and Jacksonville, Florida, Rachel Platten is on the tour bus, still over a high from last night’s show for the Florida Theater. Today, Platten is running on pure adrenaline, having criss-crossed a great deal of the country within the last few months using a tour with Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri, and looking after her exploding fanbase with thanks to the stratospheric success of her break-out track Fight Song, the inspirational anthem and ode to perseverance that’s still a premier 10 hit from a full five months around the chart. One from the songs from the summer, it’s made Platten a family group name and inescapable force about the radio. Check Fight Song sheet music.

“I feel just amazed that is happening now,” she says from the song’s current perch alongside tracks by commercial heavyweights like One Direction and Taylor Swift (aforementioned of whom invited Platten onstage within a recent concert). “I feel crazy that me adhering to my dreams actually worked. It’s wild and incredible. People ask me in interviews what celebrity parties I go to and I’m like, ‘None!’ I don’t know anybody yet. I’m still wanting to understand what this implies and process it.”

The success of Fight Song is more notable with the fact that only eight months ago, Platten – who has been turning 34 nevertheless pinching pennies – was seriously reconsidering her quest for a career in music. A native of Newton Centre, Massachusetts, she gone after New York immediately after graduating Trinity College and contains been in a trenches with middling success since.

“I stood a really dark moment in December when I actually thought, ‘Can I do this any further?’ I just collapsed on my small bed and was planning on how I wasn’t earning money and nothing was sticking. I remember asking the universe, ‘What else do you need from me? What am I expected to do?’ At that moment I sort of surrendered. I was letting go of; not using a career, but on expecting more. Even if I’m making music for those for $20 per night, at the least I’m making music.”

Fight Song, which has been first released recently, was obviously a way for Platten in conclusion her feelings, which ranged from dejected to hopeful. “I remember my publisher calling me and she or he said, ‘You showed all of these songs that are seeking to be pop songs, however you haven’t told your story yet and also you haven’t been honest in what you’ve been subject to and what’s been hurting.’ I started crying when I heard that, because I didn’t would like to tell that story. I didn’t would like to feel those feelings and still have to dive into that – especially not in a fashion that I’d wish to share with everyone.”

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Platten soon relented plus November 2013 wrote a beginning version of Fight Song within a Malibu studio along with her friend and collaborator, the songwriter Dave Bassett. It wasn’t until at least a year and a half of tinkering she become satisfied with the final result. “I wrote about 5-6 different verses, and four different bridges,” says Platten, who even taught herself how to operate the production software Pro Tools so she might get the exact sound she wanted for Fight Song. “It was this sort of horrible, awful, wonderful labour of love. My manager and I were just flabbergasted how hard it turned out for me to obtain the version we’ve today. When I finally produced the demo I felt good about, I knew I had a gift. But God, that it was so hard.”

Fight Song landed having a thud when it had been finally released as being a single throughout the summer of 2014, garnering little attention and showing no signs with the success it’d later find. Almost certain she a hit for my child hands, Platten wasn’t sure how to handle it next. “I perform a lot of visualisations and meditation and a great deal of hippie stuff,” she says of the items buoys her through points during the doubt. “I remembering visualising an enormous stadium of individuals with their arms via a flight, and feeling hope from that song,” she says, noting that given that very situation happens with an almost nightly basis while she’s on tour.

“When I was considering the plaque when Fight Song went platinum [which signifies sales that has reached over a million copies], I looked down and thought, ‘My dreams are coming true. Every single dream I released there has become a reality.’”

Rachel Platten Pictorial

rachel platten, fight song

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