Broken Bells & ‘It’s That Talk Again’ New Single

Broken Bells have shared a surprised fans using the release of new song ‘It’s That Talk Again’. Check Sam Smith sheet music.

The previously unheard song was recorded during sessions for 2014 album ‘After The Disco’ and is particularly released in advance of concert film Live in the Orpheum airing on US TV the other day.

The duo, James Mercer in the Shins and producer Danger Mouse, filmed their performance with the Los Angeles venue in October 2014 with fans capable of watch it at 9pm Saturday (September 26) for the Palladia network.

Broken Bells released their second album ‘After The Disco’ in January 2014. It was the followup to their 2010 self-titled debut by having an EP, ‘Meyrin Fields’, arriving inbetween.

Danger Mouse also produced the most up-to-date Black Keys album, ‘Turn Blue’, and it is currently considered working with U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers on their own next albums.

It’s That Talk Again

In 2014 Broken Bells helped fund a project that could protect our planet from asteroids. Stay with me sheet music.

The band donated $1 (60p) for each ticket sold for their 2014 tour with the West Coast on the US on the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel mission. The money was put toward funding a telescope which quest for asteroids which can be flying dangerously close to our planet.

The private project will launch in 2018, and can find 90 % of asteroids bigger 140 metres – the dimensions at which a rock may cause serious damage to the world if it hit. The project has helmed by former Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and physicist Ed Lu.


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